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Coronavirus Screening Registration FAQ

How long should I wait to be tested after exposure?
At least 5 days

How long should I wait to be tested after travel to a high risk area?
48 hours

Can I get the covid test done if I do not have a Primary Care Physician?
Yes you can

Is it free?
We do bill your insurance and most insurance companies are waiving any copay or co-insurance.

Is there a copay or coinsurance?
That depends on your policy but most insurance companies are waiving copays and coinsurance.

What if I don’t have insurance?
There are some state funds available to cover testing. There is an application for you to complete.

What kind of test is it?
It is a nasal swab.

Does the test hurt?
The test is uncomfortable but the test only takes about 30 seconds to perform. The discomfort will end soon after the sample is obtained.

Do I need to make an appointment?
No, the drive thru testing site does not take appointments, but you must register first.

Can I walk to the testing site?
No, this is a drive thru site.

What do I need to take to the site?
Photo ID and insurance cards.

Do I get out of my car?
No, remain in your car and someone will come to your car. Leave your window up and press your photo ID to the window, then they will direct you.

My child doesn’t have a photo ID, what can I do?
Place your child(ren)s name and date of birth on a piece of paper and place it to the window with your photo ID.

Can I take the bus or cab to the testing site?
No, public transportation will not be able to bring you to the site because you could infect others.

When will I get results?
Results are usually available in 3 days but when the volume of testing is high it can take up to 8 days.

How do I get results?
You can check Follow My Health for your results. You will get an automated call from 304-221-3995, you will need to verify your name and date of birth. If you missed the call it will call you again in 4 hours. Positive results are called by a health care provider from Wheeling Hospital.

How do I get a printed copy of my results?
Sign up for follow my health to print results or Call 304-243-3000 and press option 3 for Medical Records. You may have to leave a message for them to return your call.

When can I go to the testing site?
You must pass screening and get registered before going to the testing site. The online system will notify you when to proceed to the testing tent.

Can I register at Wheeling Hospital and go to Reynolds or to another testing site?
No, when screened and registered at Wheeling Hospital you must go to Wheeling Hospital testing site at Wheeling Park.

Do I have to quarantine?
Yes, it is recommended by the CDC and local health departments to quarantine while waiting test results.

Do my children or other members of the house need to be tested since I am getting tested?
Everyone in the house will need to quarantine because you are getting tested. They will need to quarantine with you until you get the results.

How do I get a work excuse?
Call your Primary Care Physician. If you don’t have a Primary Care Physician you may want to see if an urgent care can see you to get the work excuse. You can also seek a list of providers from Wheeling Hospital of providers in the area to try to obtain a physician.

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