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Wheeling Hospital Donates SWAT Medical Supplies to Wheeling Fire, Police Departments

August 31, 2017

WHEELING – Wheeling Hospital has donated life-saving medical supplies to the Wheeling Fire Department’s SWAT Medics, who work alongside the city Police Department’s SWAT team.

Several WFD paramedics, known as SWAT Medics, accompany the police team on missions. The SWAT Medics, who receive the same training as the police SWAT team members, carry numerous medical supplies in case a team member or other individuals are injured during a tactical situation.

“We fully appreciate and thank our first responders for the job they do. We have a long history of supporting them whenever we can, and are proud to donate $5,000 worth of medical supplies the fire department requested. We hope the supplies are never necessary, but if they are, the medics have what they need,” said Wheeling Hospital CEO Ron Violi.

Fire Chief Larry Helms said SWAT Medics include the department’s several paramedics, who don the same military-type SWAT uniforms as the police.
“When the police SWAT team is dispatched to a situation, they are backed up by our SWAT Medics with their special medical supplies. We’re pleased to offer this support for our police. The two departments have an excellent working relationship and we thank Wheeling Hospital for its dedication to area first responders,” said WFD Chief Larry Helms.

Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger added, “During a SWAT mission, if an injury occurs, it’s highly possible medical personnel could be in harm’s way trying to render care as we do our job. With the SWAT Medics working by our side with their tactical medical gear, and being familiar with how we operate, the medics’ ability to help patients is enhanced.

“This is another example of an achievement in enhancing our professional response during critical incidents. Community partners like Wheeling Hospital help make these improvements possible.”

The supplies include combat action tourniquets, emergency trauma dressing, rescue aid kit, hemostatic gauze/applicators, chest seal, constricting band, needle decompression, splints, tactical extrication device, grip tap and chest pouch.

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Contact: Gregg Warren, Vice President, Marketing/Public Relations, 304-243-3260

Displaying the specialized medical supplies Wheeling Hospital donated to Wheeling Fire Department’s (WFD) SWAT Medics, are, from left: Chief Shawn Schwertfeger of the Wheeling Police Department (WPD); Sgt. Jonathan Stipetich, WPD SWAT Team member; Eric Touvelle, WFD firefighter/paramedic and member of the SWAT Medic team; WFD Chief Larry Helms; and John Sebring, Wheeling hospital director of Safety and Security. The WFD Swat Medics accompany the police SWAT team on tactical missions to provide any needed medical assistance.