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Neurologist Dr. Adamovich Rejoins Staff at Wheeling Hospital

September 25, 2017

WHEELING – Neurologist Dr. Brenda Adamovich has rejoined the staff of Wheeling Hospital.

Adamovich, who is located in Tower 1, has expertise with the following neurological disorders: epilepsy; neuromuscular disorders (diseases of muscles and nerves); stroke; traumatic brain Injury; headache; migraine Headaches; dystonias; dementia; Parkinson’s Disease; multiple sclerosis; restless legs syndrome; movement disorders; sleep apnea; brain and spinal tumors’ myasthenia gravis; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Among the treatments Adamovich provides is botox therapy. This treatment is used for patients who suffer with migraine headaches. Others who can benefit from this treatment include patients with cervical dystonia (muscle spasms and tightness of the neck causing pain), blepharospasm (uncontrolled eyelid closing), and spasticity or muscle tightness due to cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, strokes and other disorders of the central nervous system.

She is the only Wheeling area physician to provide this therapy. In the past, patients had to travel to Pittsburgh or Morgantown to receive botox therapy.

Adamovich graduated from The Ohio State University with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in speech and hearing science. After receiving her medical degree from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Adamovich completed a neurology residency at the West Virginia University School of Medicine. She then completed a neurology fellowship in neurophysiology at Allegheny Hospital in Pittsburgh, where she received specialized training in epilepsy and neuromuscular disorders (diseases of muscles and nerves).

A test she published to assess cognitive skills after traumatic brain injury now is used internationally. She is the author of a text book describing cognitive rehabilitation after closed head injury. Additionally, Adamovich has published numerous journal articles and chapters in medical textbooks and has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally.

Adamovich is accepting new patients, including children ages 12 and up. She also is the only local neurologist to read children’s EEG results. To contact Adamovich’s office, call 304-243-5143.

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Dr. Brenda Adamovich