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Wheeling Hospital Physical Therapist Offers Pilates

February 25, 2019

WHEELING, W.Va. – Physical therapy at Wheeling Hospital now incorporates Pilates into its lineup to provide dynamic low-impact movements that are more comfortable than some traditional exercises.

Outpatient physical therapist Dr. Danielle Keyser specializes in Pilates.
“Pilates provides core-focused training to assist in alignment and improve movement patterns,” she said. “Improving movement patterns allows for decreased recurrent symptoms.”

Keyser said Pilates emphasizes stability as well as increasing tissue movement and typically each exercise accomplishes both of these simultaneously. In addition, the exercises are highly adaptable to patient populations.

“I have noticed patients with low back pain, either chronic or acute, find relief with the mixture of stretching and strengthening that is the focus of Pilates movements,” Keyser said. “I have also noted improvement with prenatal and postnatal patients for posture dysfunctions, muscular imbalances related to changes in posture, and muscular recruitment for improved movement patterns.”

She said Pilates:
• emphasizes good postural alignment and in addition allows for improved body awareness during both static and dynamic movements (i.e., sitting at computer for work, walking, stairs).
• is a great way to provide preventative treatment, and increase strength and mobility to deter injury.
• uses specialized equipment that provides both a stable and moving surface, which challenges the muscles differently than some traditional exercise equipment. Support and resistance are able to be achieved through the equipment, allowing for multiple muscle groups to be used simultaneously.
• equipment also can also address balance, strength and flexibility.

DeBlasis, Wheeling Hospital vice president and director of Physical Therapy, said, “This type of rehabilitation specificity is what separates Wheeling Hospital Physical Therapy from others. Our doctors of physical therapy continue learning even after graduation so the patient derives the greatest benefit.”

Keyser has a doctorate in physical therapy from Wheeling Jesuit University and has completed numerous training courses in Pilates.

Patients need a physician’s referral for outpatient physical therapy at Wheeling Hospital. For more information, call 304-243-3307.

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Contact: Gregg Warren, Vice President-Marketing and Public Relations, 304-243-3260

Wheeling Hospital physical therapist Dr. Danielle Keyser, standing, guides a patient through a Pilates exercise. Pilates combines strengthening and stretching to improve movement patterns, and is more comfortable than some traditional exercises.