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Birthing Rooms

If babies could pick where they wanted to come into the world, their first choice might be the birthing rooms at Wheeling Hospital. The rooms are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for both the mother and the newborn. They are planned down to the smallest detail to make the birthing experiences as pleasant as possible for everyone involved.

The rooms provide plenty of space for everyone who is permitted to be present at the time of delivery, including up to two support people, the patient, a resident, a physician, two nursing staff members plus a pediatrician, if necessary.

All of the birthing rooms are designed to resemble bedrooms, tastefully decorated with virtually all of the medical equipment hidden from view. When expectant mothers enter the birthing room, they see a bed, a rocking chair, an entertainment module, complete with a television and CD player, and a warmer for the baby. A framed print hangs behind the bed. But the picture, serving as a camouflage, swings out to reveal many of the medical items needed for the delivery. Other equipment used to monitor the mother is placed within the cabinets of the entertainment module.

The birthing room concept has simplified the delivery process. Previously, mothers-to-be labored in a room, were moved to a bed, taken on that bed to the delivery room, moved to a table where they delivered their child, moved back to a bed or cart and then back to another bed in the recovery room. Now everything takes place in one comfortable room.

The birthing rooms are located near a delivery room in case a Cesarean delivery is required.

After delivery, the new moms are transferred to private rooms, which have fold-out chairs that convert into beds, allowing the fathers an opportunity to spend the night with their families.

Wheeling Hospital Childbirth

Wheeling Hospital Childbirth

Wheeling Hospital helps nearly 1,000 babies enter the world each year in the facility's high-tech, yet homey, birthing rooms. And with each delivery comes the highest quality of care, along with plenty of loving smiles, warm words and tender hugs.