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Dialysis at Wheeling Renal Care

Dialysis services are provided to patients admitted to Wheeling Hospital with acute and chronic kidney failure and related conditions. Hemodialysis care is provided by staff from the Wheeling Dialysis Center, a division of Wheeling Renal Care. Peritoneal dialysis treatments are performed by specially trained Wheeling Hospital nursing staff. The full complement of dialysis-related care is available.

Wheeling Renal Care was established in 1997 as a joint venture between Wheeling Hospital and LDK Associates. Creation of this entity allowed for expansion of the programs of Wheeling Dialysis Center, which had been a division of Wheeling Hospital for nearly 20 years.

Wheeling Renal Care currently owns and operates three free-standing outpatient dialysis facilities serving patients from the upper Ohio Valley. In addition to providing outpatient hemodialysis and home peritoneal dialysis training and support for patients with chronic kidney failure, WRC also provides hemodialysis treatments for patients who are hospitalized with kidney failure.

Today, the three WRC-operated dialysis facilities provide regular dialysis services for approximately 180 patients, and dozens of individuals who visit the Wheeling area each year.

Wheeling Renal Care dialysis facilities are fully Medicare-certified and provide high quality hemodialysis treatments using state-of-the-art hemodialysis machines, as well as the full range of services required by individuals with chronic kidney failure. Our dialysis professional staff has many years of experience in dialysis care, with most being certified by their respective professional organizations. This expertise, along with the provision of compassionate care, is responsible for the high degree of patient satisfaction experienced by patients who receive their dialysis care in our facilities. A computerized information management system was implemented in early 2005

As an independent dialysis program, WRC is proud to be able to maintain its high standing among end-stage renal disease (ESRD) providers in the mid-Atlantic region. Three experienced renal social workers work closely together to provide ongoing support for patients and their families. In addition, two renal dietitians each have more than 20 years of experience working with dialysis and transplant patients. Other professional staff, including nurses and patient care technicians, represent more than 400 years of experience caring for dialysis patients.