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The Family Health Center

The Family Health Center, located in Medical Tower 4, suite 401, was founded in 1975 as a department of Wheeling Hospital. It provides total health care for all ages. While family members are encouraged to use the same physician, each family member can choose their own doctor.

The center’s goals are to:
  • Care for patients’ acute illnesses.
  • Manage any chronic problems.
  • Educate patients and assist them in preventing illness.

The Family Health Center also operates as a residency program for physicians who want to specialize in family medicine. All of the residents are physicians who graduated from accredited medical schools. They are furthering their education by specializing in family medicine. The residents are supervised by faculty physicians who are responsible for teaching and assisting with patient care.

The doctors function as a group. Each physician sees patients in the office on a rotating basis. The center makes every effort to schedule patients when their doctor is in. However, one of the doctors is always available to see patients for emergencies. If a patients needs to be hospitalized, a team of doctors, along with any required specialists, will provide the care.


Wheeling Hospital Family Health Center
Medical Tower 4, Suite 401
Telephone: 304-243-3880
Health for Entire Family

Health for Entire Family

The Family Health Center is located in one of four professional medical towers adjacent to Wheeling Hospital. With more than 11,000 square feet, the center provides patient exam rooms, procedure rooms and conference facilities, as well as office space for residents, faculty and support staff.