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Patient Preparation

To expedite lab visits patients should:
  • Bring insurance card.
  • Bring doctor's orders. The lab cannot perform testing unless it has a written order from the physician. The lab accepts orders from all physicians, including those not in the local area.
  • Follow doctor's instructions. For the majority of laboratory tests, a fasting specimen is preferred but not required. Certain tests do require that the patient be fasting so that an accurate test result may be obtained. A physician may advise that some tests can only be collected at certain times during the day, or only on select days during the week, or that they may require an appointment that must be scheduled in advance.
  • Before reporting to the lab, patients must first be registered in the Outpatient Registration area located just inside the outpatient entrance. They can also use preregistration on the Wheeling Hospital home page. The laboratory does not use appointments for routine blood draws.

Fasting Requirements

For most lab tests, a fasting specimen is preferred but not required. The physician should specify if fasting is necessary. The tests listed below require fasting. This means the patient should take nothing by mouth for the period indicated below prior to specimen collection except for water and regularly scheduled medications.

Glucose - 8 hours if ordered as fasting by physician
Glucose Tolerance Test - 8 hours
Lipid Panel - 12-18 hours
Triglycerides - 12-18 hours

There are several other tests that require fasting. The physician will advise if fasting is necessary.

Tests That Require Appointments

Call 304-243-3094 for an appointment for the following procedures at Wheeling Hospital:
TestAvailabilityDays of the week
D-Xylose 8-10 a.m. Monday through Friday
Sweat Chloride 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday
Therapeutic phlebotomy: call the Red Cross at 800-542-5663 to schedule an appointment. These procedures are done by the Red Cross at the Wheeling Clinic every other Friday. For exceptional cases that cannot be done at the Clinic, call the Wheeling Hospital Special Procedures Department at 304-243-3145 for scheduling between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Thursdays.

Blood Collection

After cleansing the area, a needle is inserted into a vein just underneath the skin and the blood is collected into a tube or syringe. Less than an ounce of blood is withdrawn even though several tubes may be used.

An exam table is available for this purpose for patients who prefer to lie down during the procedure. Notify the lab receptionist.

Those who usually bruise easily may develop a hematoma (a black and blue mark) at the draw site. To minimize this, apply pressure to the site for several minutes and elevate the arm. If a large bump or swelling occurs, call the physician or the lab for further instructions.

Wheeling Hospital laboratory is not a draw site for health insurance agencies that require all testing is to be done at a specified reference laboratory. Check with the health insurer for drawing locations.

Life insurance physicals that require blood specimens be sent to a specified laboratory can be collected and shipped by the Wheeling Hospital lab. There is a specimen collection fee and a handling fee that may not be covered by the life insurance company.

Skilled Hands, Sharp Minds

Skilled Hands, Sharp Minds

The Laboratory at Wheeling Hospital - skilled hands, sharp minds and a world of experience. Our Laboratory plays an integral role in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients.