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Results and Reporting

Most routine tests are analyzed and reported on the same day. As soon as tests are completed, the results are immediately available to the patient's local doctor on the physician Web portal. A hard copy of the reports will be sent to the physician the next day either through courier system or mail. For urgent testing, results will be faxed or phoned to the physician's office. A few specialized tests and cultures may take several days to complete, including those tests sent to one of the hospital's reference laboratories.

Patient personal information and test results will not be released to anyone without their permission, except for authorized entities such as ordering, attending and consulting physicians, government agencies or insurance companies for billing purposes. See the privacy statement on the Wheeling Hospital home page.

Patients may obtain a copy of their outpatient laboratory tests; however, it is strongly advised that they discuss these results with their physician for proper interpretation. To obtain a copy of outpatient lab tests, a release form must be signed by the patient, who must provide a photo ID or other form of identification. A spouse or other family member cannot receive the patient's lab reports. For confidentiality reasons, lab results will not be given over the telephone. Inpatient lab results or surgical pathology reports are not available from the laboratory and must be obtained from the Medical Records Department at 304-243-3306.

The patient's physician, not the laboratory staff, will interpret test results.



In the Wheeling Hospital Laboratory, routine and esoteric procedures are performed daily to provide physicians with diagnostic information as rapidly as possible. State-of-the-art automation and computerization, combined with a highly skilled technical and support staff, provide better patient care.