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The Lung Evaluation Center

Wheeling Hospital is providing a comprehensive team approach to managing lung abnormalities through its unique Lung Evaluation Center.

The center, the first of its kind in the region, benefits patients and their family physicians by providing a central location to refer cases. There, a team of pulmonologists, radiologists, chest surgeons and oncologists evaluate the patient, the medical records and all lung images to coordinate a multidisciplinary approach toward best evaluation of the nodule.

Approximately 90 percent of lung nodules do not cause symptoms and are often identified on a chest X-ray or chest CT scan when a patient is being evaluated for other medical problems. Now, upon identifying the nodule, the patient’s physician may contact the new clinic for rapid evaluation of the patient and all tests preformed to date. The center’s team can then prescribe an appropriate and efficient plan to further evaluate the nodule, coordinating all efforts with the patient’s other doctors.

Nodules are often benign (non-cancerous) and do not require further evaluation, particularly if they are small and have remained stable over a long period of time.

However, new nodules, or those larger than 1 centimeter, with certain characteristics or seen in present or past smokers generally require a more comprehensive evaluation. That evaluation may include a repeat X-ray, CT scan, biopsy or surgery.

New minimally invasive diagnostic methods, with fewer side effects, are available to patients today and the clinic team is very skilled with the latest technologies present.


The Lung Evaluation Center is located in the hospital’s Tower 4 and can be reached by calling 304-243-3353.
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