Our Services

Pastoral Care Staff and Volunteers

Pastoral Care Director
Sister Mary Ann Rosenbaum, CSJ
Phone: 304-243-3244

Priest Chaplains
Father Anthony Thurston
Phone: 304-243-3304

Staff Chaplains
Sister Mairead Scanlon, CSJ
Phone: 304-243-3919
Brother John McDonagh, FMS
Phone: 304-243-6370

Sister Mona Farthing, CSJ
Phone: 304 243-6319

Pastoral Care Volunteers

Wheeling Hospital is fortunate to have many volunteers working in the Pastoral Care Department. They come from many different walks of life and have a wealth of skills and diverse professions. They fulfill many different tasks, enabling the chaplains to provide pastoral care.

The department also has a group of men and women trained to assist the chaplains in ministry. These individuals offer pastoral care with patients, families and staff, and provide an extension to the regular ministry of the hospital chaplains.

In addition, a group of volunteers serve as Eucharistic ministers for the patients at Wheeling Hospital. These individuals distribute Holy Communion to patients throughout the week and on Sunday.

Pastoral Care services are available to all patients, their families and significant others, and to hospital staff, regardless of denomination or religious adherence.