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Rehabilitation Programs at Belmont Community Health Center

Relocating the Bellaire portion of its outpatient and physician services has allowed Belmont Community Hospital to increase and expand services at that location. The Belmont Community Health Center is located in the former St. Francis Health Center, 3000 Guernsey St., Bellaire. The larger facility has enabled the Belmont Community Health Center to upgrade the outpatient rehabilitation services. Also available at BCH is the most up to date and complete treatment for lymphedema for patients undergoing rehabilitation following surgery. Complete treatment includes specialized manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, exercises and skin care with support and follow-up as needed. For more information, contact occupational therapist Christy France at 740-671-1134.

Contact: For more information, call Lori Glass, PT, at 740-671-1436.

Commitment Toward Goals

Commitment Toward Goals

It is the therapists' commitment to working with patients and their families to achieve mutually determined goals that really sets the rehabilitation programs at Wheeling Hospital and its affiliates apart.