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It’s reassuring to know that Wheeling Hospital is the region’s premier surgical center with the most experienced surgeons. Last year, they performed nearly 17,000 surgeries. That’s three times more than any other local hospital.

Because Wheeling Hospital is the area’s leader in advanced laparoscopic surgery, our patients are afforded procedures that are less invasive, less painful and faster to heal. And, we’re the only local facility offering more types of this surgery. We also perform extremely complex orthopedic procedures and are the sole provider of certain surgeries, such as open-heart.

Our surgeons are backed by a highly skilled and compassionate team of nurses, technicians and other support staff. With this much experience and dedication, it’s no wonder they’ve earned the trust of our patients.

Most Experienced Surgeons

Most Experienced Surgeons

With nearly 17,000 surgeries performed each year, Wheeling Hospital has the most experience surgeons and leads the region in advanced laparoscopic surgery. In addition, the hospital is the only facility in the region that provides open-heart surgery.