Your Visit

Patient Rights

All patients have the following rights:
  • Quality Hospital Care
    • What you need
    • When you need it
    • Delivered with skill, compassion, and respect
    • The right to know who is taking care of you and what their job is
    • The right to know when the people taking care of you are students, residents, or other trainees
  • Clean and Safe surroundings
    • Family or person of your choice told of your admission
    • Your doctor told of your admission
    • Free from abuse and neglect
    • Free from restraints that are not needed for your safety
  • Involvement in your care
    • Make decisions with your doctor about your care. As part of this, learn about
      • The treatment being recommended by your healthcare team
      • Other available treatment options
      • Risks and benefits of treatment options
      • Effects of treatment on your long-term quality of life
      • What you will need to do to care for yourself when you leave the hospital
      • Potential cost of treatment
      • Your right to refuse treatment and services. (As long as you are not a health threat to others)
      • The risks of refusing treatment or services
      • Opportunities to be part of a research study
    • Be involved in plans to decrease pain to a level manageable for you
    • Have your personal goals, values, and beliefs considered in planning your care
    • Designate someone else to make healthcare decisions for you when you cannot
    • To have your end-of-life healthcare wishes discussed with you and followed as fitting at the time.
    • The right to request an ethics consultation if ethically difficult situations arise. If you would like to speak to a member of the ethics committee, please call the hospital operator and ask for the ethics consultant to be paged
  • Protection of your privacy
    • Personal and health information shared with your doctor or other staff will not be shared with others unless required to provide your care and treatment or required by law
    • Tell your doctor or nurse if anyone other than you is allowed to see, discuss, or get copies of ;your private health information
    • Ask for information on how to get a copy of your health information from our medical records
  • Being prepared to care for yourself at home
    • Receive information and teaching about medications, diet, and therapy to care for yourself at home
    • If you need follow-up care
      • The hospital will tell you if they have financial interest in a follow-up care agency
      • Outside agencies contacted only with your consent
  • Receive help with your bill and insurance claims as needed


The cafeteria at Wheeling Hospital is open to the public, and always features a variety of hot and cold entrees. Located on the lower level, the cafeteria is open Monday - Friday, 6:30am to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday from 6:30am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm. A vending area is also available for visitors in the main lobby.